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  • Temporary loss of step free access to Dore Railway Station

    Temporary loss of step free access to Dore Railway Station

    Rail passengers who need step free access at Dore and Totley Railway station are urged to book passenger assistance if travelling to or from the station during the period from the 25th March to 4th April 2024. This is because the new lifts will not be fully working for some, or all of this period.

  • Check Changes Before You Travel

    Check Changes Before You Travel

    As the days suddenly get darker earlier at the end of this month, there are also changes to bus, tram, tram/train and train services in South Yorkshire. With more reductions in journey frequency, it’s important to check on Travel South Yorkshire’s website before you travel. We’d like to hear from you how the changes are affecting you.

  • Rail Ticket Offices Closures and Accessibility

    Rail Ticket Offices Closures and Accessibility

    The proposed closure of most rail ticket offices across the country is a concern for many disabled people. The picture is mixed across Sheffield and nearby destinations in terms of the impact. Read on to find out more about the proposed cuts and how to make your voice heard most effectively by the 1st of September.

  • DPAC In Call To Prevent Rail Service Cuts

    DPAC In Call To Prevent Rail Service Cuts

    Campaigning group Disabled People Against Cuts has backed the recent strikes by members of the RMT union, saying that planned cuts in funding and staff will result in our safety horrendously compromised and will lead to more serious incidents on the rail network.

  • DPTAC warned staff-less trains and stations 'toxic' for disabled people

    In a letter released under Freedom of Information to the Association of British Commuters the Chair , it’s been revealed that the government’s own Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee issued a clear warning to the Department for Transport on this issue.

  • Give your Views on the Accessibility of the Railway System

    National Rail has teamed up with Disability Rights UK and Disability Action Alliance to invite disabled people to take part in meetings to discuss their rail experiences.

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A fantastic presentation thought provoking and good questions from the floor around promoting this film/message to the general public not just professionals.
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training feedback

Very good presentation, brave of the speakers to tell their stories and had a very high impact - feedback from Mate/Hate Crime presentation and video session at Safeguarding Working Together Conference
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feedback training

When I moved to Sheffield nearly five years ago it was my "go to" organisation. I expect it to stay that way. All the staff and volunteers seem to pull out little gems of effort that disabled people like me couldn't do without. Professionally and personally - I love em :)
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Andrew Crooks

Disability Sheffield is a forward-thinking, energetic organisation doing a lot of positive work in Sheffield. I have no doubt they will continue to do so for a long time to come.
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