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  • Disability Rights UK Response to Disability Action Plan

    Disability Rights UK Response to Disability Action Plan

    The Disability Action Plan sets out the “actions the government will take to improve disabled people’s everyday lives and lays the foundations for longer-term change.” DRUK says the actions are weak – We need co-produced transformation as detailed in the Disabled People’s Manifesto, incorporation of the UNCRPD into domestic law, an end to the social care crisis and the inhumane DWP policies and processes.

  • Contacting Service Providers Proves 'Daunting'

    Contacting Service Providers Proves 'Daunting'

    New research by Disability Rights UK reveals that almost three quarters of disabled people delay contacting essential service providers because they feel daunted by the process. This means they are missing out on much-needed support and important information. Could ‘Support Hub’ be the solution?

  • Look In The Mirror For 'Dis Life'

    Look In The Mirror For 'Dis Life'

    National newspaper The Daily Mirror is standing up for disability rights by running a regular column written by a member of a top campaigning organisation. Disability Rights UK (DRUK) Communications Manager Anna Morell now writes a weekly column entitled ‘Dis Life’. The latest column looks at why publicly available wheelchairs so often don’t grant disabled people independence.

  • Disability Groups Respond to Covid Inquiry

    Disability Groups Respond to Covid Inquiry

    The horrifying impact of the Covid pandemic on Disabled people risks being ‘airbrushed out of history’, Disability Rights UK and its partners have warned ahead of the looming public inquiry. The warning comes in a formal response to the inquiry’s draft terms of reference drafted by law firm Bhatt Murphy Solicitors on behalf of DRUK and a number of disabled people’s organisations.

  • Young People Can Get Ahead

    Young People Can Get Ahead

    The latest edition of Disability Rights UK’s ‘Get Ahead’ newsletter co-edited with and for young people is now available to download from their website. This edition includes tales from lockdown, the Department for Education Coronavirus Helpline, upcoming webinar opportunities for budding artists and games and art reviews from students.

  • Our Voices Call to Delay the Disability Strategy

    Our Voices Call to Delay the Disability Strategy

    Disability Rights UK Our Voices, a group of organisations run by and for disabled people, including Disability Sheffield, is calling on the government to delay the Disability Strategy. The group has sent a letter to highlight their serious concerns about both the timetable and the methods used to engage with disabled people and their organisations. The Government have “listened to concerns and extended the deadline for contributions to be woven into the strategy to 28 February “.

  • Call For Action To Prove That We Belong

    Call For Action To Prove That We Belong

    For many disabled people a feeling that we are not allowed to play a full part in society holds us back. But a campaign started last autumn insists that ‘We Belong’ and says it loudly and proudly . After consulting widely, Disability Rights UK’s newly published ‘We Belong’ report forms the basis of their submission to the Government’s consultation on its National Strategy for Disabled People and calls for radical change.

  • Second 'Lockdown' Support for 'Extremely Vulnerable' Criticised

    Second 'Lockdown' Support for 'Extremely Vulnerable' Criticised

    Disability Rights UK has criticised the Government for its latest Coronavirus ‘lockdown’ guidance, which they say has left ‘extremely vulnerable’ people unsure what to do. They say the new guidance to get access to priority supermarket deliveries or ask for local support , falls short of the fuller protections offered back in the Spring.

  • More We Belong Webinars

    More We Belong Webinars

    Disability Rights UK’s ‘We Belong’ engagement campaign has got off to a flying start. DRUK are receiving your emails telling them what needs to change and have have held four online discussion groups with excellent contributions from disabled women and disabled people from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups. Three more webinars are scheduled to discuss Employment, LGBTQIA and Transport during October.

  • Take The Chance To Prove We Belong

    Take The Chance To Prove We Belong

    Do you want to influence government policy? Disability Rights UK has launched their We Belong campaign inviting comments from as many disabled people as possible to influence the government’s National Strategy For Disabled People. DRUK are also holding a series of online discussions on different themes starting with two sessions on 30th September for disabled women, and two on 1st October for disabled people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.

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Very good presentation, brave of the speakers to tell their stories and had a very high impact - feedback from Mate/Hate Crime presentation and video session at Safeguarding Working Together Conference
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feedback training

Disability Sheffield is a forward-thinking, energetic organisation doing a lot of positive work in Sheffield. I have no doubt they will continue to do so for a long time to come.
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A fantastic presentation thought provoking and good questions from the floor around promoting this film/message to the general public not just professionals.
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training feedback

When I moved to Sheffield nearly five years ago it was my "go to" organisation. I expect it to stay that way. All the staff and volunteers seem to pull out little gems of effort that disabled people like me couldn't do without. Professionally and personally - I love em :)
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Andrew Crooks