FAQs for Employers

What is the PA Register for?

The Disability Sheffield PA Register is a resource to be used by both PAs and employers.
Think of it as a searchable database designed to enable both parties to introduce themselves to one another.

It works on two fronts. It allows employers to advertise PA jobs, and it allows PAs in the region to advertise their availability.

How does it work?

The PA Register is a database. It allows PAs to complete a profile, and these profiles can be searched by employers. It also allows employers to advertise specific jobs, which are searchable by PAs. If a PA thinks they might be suitable for one of these advertised jobs, they are able to apply directly to the employer.

How do I find a PA?

There are two ways in which the PA Register can help you find the right PA.

  1. Search or browse the profiles of registered PAs. If you like the look of a particular member, you can request their details from us, then contact them directly.
  2. Advertise a job and see who applies.

What happens when a PA applies to my job advert?

When a PA uses the Apply Now function on a job advert, they will effectively be contacting you directly. You will receive an email, and you can then choose whether or not to follow up. The applicant will not have your email address nor any other means of contact with you – until you reply. You remain in control throughout the process.

Please bear in mind that whatever happens after an application has been sent is entirely in the hands of you, the employer. From the moment interested parties have been in direct contact, Disability Sheffield is no longer involved.

What happens to my job advert if the job is filled / no longer available?

If an advertised job is no longer available, you can delete the ad at any time. If you fill an advertised position you can mark the job as filled, and it will be removed from the list.

Is there a charge for using the PA Register?

At the present time there is no charge for using this service

How do I find a PA?

Register as an employer, you can then post a job. The online form is kept as simple as possible and there is a box where you can put a few details about the job description. To ensure your privacy we strongly advise employers to keep this description factual, and avoid putting any information about personal circumstances or medical conditions. You can discuss specific issues or needs with potential job applicants at the interview.

Disability Sheffield can make no guarantee that PAs will apply for the job, but if you need assistance recruiting, please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

Help! I’ve got PAs applying for the job I posted, but I have no experience of recruiting staff! Can I get support?

The simple answer is yes. However, this does depends on how much support you need and Disability Sheffield may make a small charge for this, so please enquire using the contact form. There are issues you will need to consider to make the most from employing a PA, including:

  • Interviewing – when, where, how
  • Contract of employment – why you should have one
  • Formulating a rota for my care – making the best use of your staff resources
  • Sign posting to a payroll supplier – paying staff on time is important!
  • Do I contribute towards a PA Pension Scheme
  • On-going support with any employment issues (hopefully you won’t have any!)
  • Support on meeting Health & safety regulations within my home for PA

Disability Sheffield can provide support on all these issues for a small fee. Please contact us for more information.

How is my privacy protected?

Though your name and profile details may be visible to the public, your contact details are never made publicly available.

Information you share on job adverts is up to you, but as all job adverts are publicly visible, we advise employers not to give out too much personal information online.

We will not share your details with anyone else, ever.

How else will my details be used?

By becoming a member of the service you will automatically be subscribed to the Disability Sheffield weekly news and Individual Employer e-bulletins. If you wish to unsubscribe from these you can do so at any time – simply click the unsubscribe link in any newsletters you receive.

Can I use a fake name?

We have no policy requiring members to use real names. You can use a fake name on your profile if you wish.

If you do this, please be aware that job applicants will at some point need to know who you are if you wish to pursue a particular job.

Can I delete my details?

You can delete your account at any time. Simply contact Disability Sheffield providing the name and email address you use on the site, and a website administrator will wipe your records from the system. We will not be able to recover deleted accounts.